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TF121 is an Arma 3 milsim which is directly lead and supervised by multiple real-world military veterans. As of February 2020, TF121 will be reaching 5-years old and has been constantly operational and hosting missions for its entire tenure. Modeled after it’s real-life inspiration; TF121 is a unit composed of multiple SOF sub-units that provide various avenues for players to occupy and develop their skill sets.

TF121 has been deployed to nearly every continent; however, the major theater of operations in the Middle East. Recreated by the experiences of its veteran community; players get to see first-hand how missions overseas are conducted successfully.

TF121's primary mission is the apprehension/elimination of HVTs (or High-Value Targets) and therefore has timely and unhindered access to indirect-fires, air transportation, and intelligence gathering assets.

Through the combat application of its tactical sub-units, such as the Combat Applications Group, the 75th Ranger Regiment, 160th SOAR, and their adjacent support network, the commanders of TF121 are able to decisively close with and destroy or capture the enemies’ most valuable assets.

TF121 is by no means a veterans-only community. Players either planning on enlisting, exiting the service or with an appreciation of the American Military are always welcome; barring their maturity and ability to follow orders.

Whether it’s engaging the enemy face-to-face, employing indirect-fires, or flying various aircraft into the heat of battle, TF121 is the ideal milsim unit to test your skills.

Positions are always open so contact one of our recruiters today.

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