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  1. Real life comes first 

  2. No shooting on base OR within 500 meters of bas

  3. Respect your CO's, XO's and NCO’s 

  4. Treat your fellow players with respect

  5. No operation is mandatory

  6. If you are not a pilot and it is OP time please stay out of all aircraft

  7. DO NOT leave items lying around the Arsenal

  8. When brief is called lock it up and listen

  9. Stay off Side chat at all times

  10. No smoke grenades on base

  11. follow the proper chain of command whether in your unit or higher command

  12. No Chem Lights around the arsenal

  13. No thermal NVG’s in any scenario 


  1. Do NOT join TFAR channels until pulled by server

  2. If you are a server admin, do not abuse your power.  This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Taking away ranks outside of a demotion​

    • Editing other admin offices

    • Temporary banning people

    • Giving server admin to others without permission


  1. Do NOT post any drama

  2. If drama is posted it will be deleted immediately(Admin if deleted take screenshots before hand for records)

  3. If you have a problem with another member or how things are going message a staff member privately

  4. Do not post any racist material

  5. Do not post anything political on any side

  6. Do not advertise for other milsim groups

  7. Do not post/flood the page with mod requests

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